PDF Product Catalog can be installed like any other WordPress plugin via the Admin Panel.

How to Install the plugin

  1. Open the Admin Panel and sign in (usually at
  2. From the sidebar pick Plugins → Add New → Upload
  3. Click Choose file and select (if you have downloaded the full zip file from CodeCanyon, unpack it, can be found in the plugin sub-folder).
  4. Activate PDFProductCatalog from the Installed Plugins page.

Note that to actually use the plugin you need to enter your purchase code in its settings page in your WordPress admin panel. Then you need to either add the PDF Catalog widget to one of your sidebars or use the PDFCatalog shortcode.

How to Update

If you have modified any of the built-in templates, first back up the templates/pdf folder before re-installing. All other settings and custom templates located in your theme directory will be preserved. To update, first uninstall PDF Catalog and then install the newer version the same way described in How to Install the plugin above.