Appearance & Colors

Image Settings

The following settings to tweak the quality and size of product images PDF output. Keep in mind that better quality means larger PDF files and the longer it takes to generate the PDF file. If your store has a lot of products (over 1000) you should also consider that the actual store catalog will be in the range of tens to hundreds of MB if large images are used so best to keep them at the lower settings.

Option Description
Image Size This option lets you pick one of your store’s predefined image sizes for the catalog. Ideally, to ensure that images are cropped properly you should use the same one used for showing product images on the store’s category pages.
Image Resolution By default PDF catalogs are using the same image resolution used by your current theme for product images. This sometimes can be too low for PDF (especially if you want to print out the catalog). You can use this option to set it to a higher resolution. Keep in mind that, the higher the resolution the slower the process, the larger the PDF output files will be, and the more memory it will require to generate them, so be careful with this option.WordPress does not automatically resize old images, it only resizes them when they are first uploaded, so if you change this option you should also install an image rebuilding plugin. There are several free plugins that do this job out there but we recommend Regenerate Thumbnails plugin since we tested it and works well.
JPEG Quality This option affects the way JPEG images are compressed. The lower the value the less
emphasis is given on the image quality. Higher values means better quality but larger file size.

Settings under this section change color of different elements in the built in templates. Its important to understand that not all options work for all templates.

Download Buttons Style

The PDF Catalog Download buttons that show up when using the Widget or Shortcode come with a default styling which you can change in order to match your own store’s theme. You can use the text box here to enter CSS that will be loaded in order customize the button style.

Here’s how the markup looks like so you can target the CSS accordingly:

Buttons generated by shortcode:

<span class="PDFCatalogButtons">
   <a href="[url-to-pdf-link]">

Buttons generated by the widget:

<div class="PDFCatalogButtons PDFWidget categoryCatalog">
  <a href="[url-to-pdf-link]">Category Catalog</a>

<div class="PDFCatalogButtons PDFWidget fullCatalog">
  <a href="[url-to-pdf-link]">Complete Store Catalog</a>