This settings page allows you to pick what and how it is presented in the PDF version of your store’s catalog.

Option Description
Template Use this option to choose a template you want to use for the PDF catalogs. There are currently 5 templates bundled with this plugin which are described below:

  • Basic Product List

    This is the most basic template. Essentially its a plain list of products similar to what you could have produced using Excel. This template is ideal for B2B stores or stores with products that don’t have images (or images are not relevant to the product).

  • Thumbnail List

    This is the default template. Products are listed one per row with photo on the left side and description on the right side. It can display all fields if required.

  • 2 Column Grid

    Products are presented in rows of two with photo and description underneath.

  • 3 Column Grid

    Products are presented in rows of three with photo and description underneath.

  • 4 Column Grid

    Products are presented in rows of four with photo and description underneath.

Render HTML When enabled this option the user will receive an HTML version of the catalog instead of PDF.
The purpose of this is to assist PDF template creators debug their templates during development. If you don’t plan creating your own PDF Catalog Templates than leave this option unchecked at all times.
Sort products by Use this option to change the default order of products in the catalog. You may order products by Product Creation Date, Title, Price, SKU or by using the WooCommerce order (which you cna change using WooCommerce options).
Sort direction This option modified the behavior or the Sort products by option.
Catalog Elements

Options in this section let you quickly toggle visibility of different catalog elements. For example if you don’t want the PDF catalog to include product prices then just uncheck the Show Prices option here.
The following options are available:

Option Description
Product SKU
Render Shortcodes If you enable this option any shortcodes found in the product descriptions will be processed. In most cases this should be left disabled especially if the shortcodes generate interactive javascript based content.
Variations When this option is enabled the catalog will include a list of all variation attributes for each product.
Category Title This option removes the category names from the top of the catalog pages.
Product Counts The number of products in each category will be included at the end of the product list when this option is enabled.
Header Separator Line When enabled, separating lines will be added between the footer and header of each PDF page.
Option Description
Description Character Limit This option allows you to truncate long product descriptions to a specific number of maximum characters. Enter 0 if you want the full descriptions to be included.
Use Short Description When enabled the product’s short description will be included in the catalog in place of the default long description.
Start Category on a New Page This option affects the full site catalog only. It forces a new page to be added to the PDF file at the beginning of each category. It does this to avoid a new category product list starting on the same page right after the previous category’s product list.